Hiro Sato is a freelance photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia & Tokyo, Japan.

He covers wide variety of commercial photography, including professional sports, concerts, and portraits.  His works most often appear in print media such as newspapers, magazines and catalogs; CD's and DVD's; and the profile pictures and action shots of musicians and athletes, etc.

What sets him apart from other photographers is his ability to capture the timing of shooting the pictures.  "When I take pictures of the people, I strive to take pictures that convey the feelings of the subject in the moment.  To me, the best pictures are the ones that bring positive energy to the viewers."

Even some of the most difficult shooting, such as moving vehicles, he just knows how to capture the 'moment.'

"Of all of my racing pictures, Hiro Sato's pictures are bar none, the BEST." - Akinori Ogata, NASCAR Driver. 

contact: info@hirosatophotography.com
tel: 1.678.313.9719